Qingxian County instruments limited liability company by the oil company two units is recommended, and a series of strict censorship in November 19, 2009 after the success of material suppliers access license awarded by Chinese petroleum corporation. Access number of China National Petroleum Corporation's material supplier is: 02180006199. So far, Qingxian County metering instrument Co., Ltd. officially entered the oil and gas group designated suppliers of materials.


"Access card" is a material supplier in petroleum headquarters management in the Group Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of enterprises and institutions directly under the supply access card has the same effect, the supplier can access products within the scope of China petroleum natural gas group company and a wholly owned subsidiary, affiliated enterprises and institutions supply. Qingxian County metering instrument Co., Ltd., including electrostatic grounding alarm, including a total of 12 products access qualification, all two class materials products. Oil depot, Qingxian County metering instrument limited liability company as a core technology of gas metering, explosion-proof system solutions provider, has been committed to providing customers with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and low cost of products and services, to obtain the certificate of the company in recent years is more excellent performance in many projects in the oil China certainly, in order to promote Qingxian County Measuring Instrument Co. Ltd. the rapid and healthy development of the market to provide traffic guarantee.