The combination of culture and economy is embodied in the management realm, embodied in the moral norms and behavior patterns that employees identify with, and embodied in the centripetal force and integration force. In modern enterprises, the cultivation and construction of enterprise culture has become a strategic measure for enterprises to form their core competitiveness. Qingxian County instruments limited liability company is committed to creating the enterprise culture, advanced corporate culture, show the innovation of enterprise management system, improve product quality, improve service quality, enhance brand benefit, enhance corporate visibility.

Talent culture: to retain talent, the release of latent wisdom

Build up common values. The factory put forward "to the same time and the core value of individual and enterprise talent, all prosperity" concept, in order to guide the staff to correctly handle the relationship with the individual value of plant development, cultivate employee loyalty and sense of belonging. So that workers consciously put their wisdom and strength into the overall goal of the enterprise, thus condensing into a huge driving force for enterprise development. Technical culture: enhance the level, enhance the strength.

Quality culture: set up the image, cast the brand

Corporate image is brand and reputation, and its core content is superior product quality and service quality. The factory put the key point of the enterprise quality culture in the "quality is the root of the survival and development of the enterprise", and thus promote the quality of technology and product quality. Guide employees to establish "quality win, integrity service" concept. Through the strict implementation of the responsibility system, strengthen technical research and production organization and management, increase production technology supervision and management, so that quality and culture into the broad masses of workers in the thinking and action.